Equipment Finance

Backhoe financed by HomeTrust BankFor companies purchasing equipment for their business, HomeTrust Bank’s Equipment Finance Division offers creative financing strategies.

Equipment financing provides the structure needed to manage tax and accounting issues while offering flexible, customized repayment options. Our solutions include commercial finance agreements and equipment loans. At HomeTrust Bank, we design a strategy specifically for each client that is tailored to fit their individual requirements.

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Financing Products

  • Equipment Loans: Loans are available for one or more assets. A Master Loan Agreement can be utilized for approved lines of credit. Multiple equipment schedules are offered as equipment is purchased and financed throughout the year.
  • Commercial Finance Agreements (CFA’s): CFA’s are available for one or multiple assets.  This single document includes the note, security agreement, and loan agreement all in one.

Application Only Credit Process Up to $150,000

  • For transactions less than $150,000, HomeTrust Bank Equipment Finance provides fast and efficient financing through their application only process. Upon completion of the one-page application, most credit decisions will be delivered within 1-2 hours.

Benefits Of Equipment Finance

  • Preserves working capital, cash, and valuable bank lines of credit.
  • 100% financing is available on most transactions.
  • The term is structured to more closely match the equipment’s useful life.
  • Provides protection from equipment obsolescence.
  • Deferred payment schedules and seasonable payments are available.
  • Equipment Financing can act as a hedge against inflation by locking in the long term costs now.
  • Fixed rate financing of equipment.
  • Leverage equipment expertise from professionals who understand your industry.

Equipment Types

HomeTrust Bank can accommodate a wide variety of commercial equipment, including, but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing: Machine tools, injection molding, metalworking, etc.
  • Material Handling: Forklifts, scissor lifts, racking, shelving.
  • Transportation: Tractors, trailers, vehicle fleet lines (cars, trucks, vans).
  • Medical equipment: MRI, CAT Scan, radiology; and more.
  • Office: Furniture and fixtures; information technology.
  • Construction: Cranes, dozers, yellow iron.
  • Printing: Commercial printing presses.
  • Forestry Equipment: Stump grinders, log stackers.
  • Other essential use commercial equipment: Restaurant, golf course, agricultural, recycling, and more.

Tractor Trailers

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